Tips to Prevent Vaginal Thrush

The vagina is a sensitive part of a woman’s body that should be kept free from infections but most women experience vaginal infections or vaginal thrush every now and then.  Genital infections can be very uncomfortable and it can keep coming back if not properly treated. It is important for women to know how to prevent vaginal thrush to avoid its disturbing symptoms.

Vaginal thrush is a common vaginal infection caused by yeast fungus called Candida resulting to a number of uncomfortable symptoms like swelling, soreness, itching or irritation of the vagina and its surrounding area. It is also accompanied by creamy cheese-like vaginal discharge. The vagina normally have a controlled amount of Candida fungus without causing any symptoms.  The overgrowth of Candida is the main reason for the occurrence of vaginal thrush. Some women can have more than four vaginal thrush episodes in a year and this can be really disturbing. Although it is a treatable infection, women should know how to prevent vaginal thrush to avoid recurring infections. Vaginal thrush is a common infection that affects around 75% of female population more than once in their lifetime but it can be controlled if women know how to prevent vaginal thrush.

So how to prevent vaginal thrush?

Avoid using scented hygiene products. Scented products like soap, bubble bath, shower gel, feminine sprays, sanitary pads, tampons, toilet paper, contraceptive foams and jellies have additional chemicals that could disturb the natural pH of the vagina resulting to yeast infection so if you want to prevent vaginal thrush, avoid using them. Go for unscented products if you really want to prevent vaginal thrush.

Wash your underwear properly. Your underwear could cause irritation or build-up of bacteria causing the occurrence of vaginal infection. It is important to mind how you wash your underwear.   If you are not into hand washing, make sure that your washing machine is clean because in most cases, washing machines are contaminated by fecal bacteria if they are not properly cleaned which means that your newly washed clothes could be contaminated by bacteria. Wash your underwear separately and do not wash them with soiled socks and clothes. Use unscented detergent or laundry soap and avoid using fabric conditioners on your undergarments to prevent vaginal thrush. Unscented special soaps for sensitive skin like those used for infants clothing can be more suitable for washing underwear. Washing underwear in hot water is also another way to prevent vaginal thrush. It is best to sun dry underwear because the sun is the toughest germ killer. Keep your underwear clean and change it every day to avoid accumulation of germs. It is also important to wash and change your bath towel often and do not use someone else’s towel.

Keep your vagina clean and fresh. Vaginal hygiene is very important if you want to prevent vaginal thrush. Frequent washing is not necessary because the vagina has the ability to clean itself but you need to properly wash your genital area to keep it clean and fresh. Washing your vagina at least once a day is enough to keep it clean. Avoid using soap with heavy perfumes because it can irritate the vagina. Use mild unscented soap to wash your vagina. After using the toilet, wipe from front to back to avoid the spread of bacteria from the anus to your vagina. It is also important to keep your vagina clean during your monthly period. Frequently change sanitary pads and wash your vagina 2-3 times a day. It is best not to use tampons during your period but go for unscented sanitary pads. Avoid douching because douches can also wash out the healthy bacteria disrupting the normal bacterial balance in the vagina. Disrupting the bacterial balance in the vagina could result to rapid multiplication of yeast fungus leading to infections. There are also reports that douching is linked to pelvic inflammatory disease. Be gentle in washing your private part because the skin in your vagina is very sensitive and you do not want to get scratches on you genital area.

Keep your vagina cool and dry. Yeast, the fungus responsible for vaginal thrush thrives on moist warm environment and the vagina is the prefect breeding spot for them. To prevent vaginal thrush, it is important to keep your genital area cool and dry. Keep the genital area ventilated and free from sweat. Avoid wearing tight-fitting pants and underwear made from synthetic materials. Wear underwear made from cotton to allow airflow. Trim or shave your pubic hair because a thick pubic hair could promote sweating. If you are into swimming or have a regular work out in the gym, change wet bathing suits or exercise clothes as soon as you finished your activities. Consider sleeping without an underwear to allow your vagina to breathe and to give it a cool rest at night. Thoroughly dry your vagina after shower or washing.

Boost your immune system. People are more prone to infections if they have weak immune system. Your immune system should be always in good condition to fight diseases and prevent vaginal thrush. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every day. Eat a well-balanced diet and exercise regularly. Although stress is a normal part of everyday life, try to live a less stressful life or learn how to relieve the stress of daily life. Meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises and regular physical activities can be very helpful to reduce the stress in your life.

Take it easy with sugar. To prevent vaginal thrush, you have to starve the yeast and prevent it from multiplying. Yeast feeds on sugar so do not give them food to flourish. Avoid sugary foods and foods with yeast like bread, beer and fermented foods.

Vaginal infection is an uncomfortable condition and you do not have to suffer its disturbing symptoms if you know how to prevent vaginal thrush. To know more visit Natural Yeast Infection Cure